Parish Councillors

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Mr D Price  – Chairman of Parish Council

Member of Planning, Finance, Policy.

4 Hazel Close, SW, PE30 3LX


Mr I Jordan  (Vice Chairman)                             23 Fountaine Grove, SW, PE30 3TP

Mr M Narborough                                                   7 Appledore Close, SW, PE30 3HN
Mrs D Gotts                                                              1, Rosebay, SW, PE30 3WY

Mr J P Smallwood – Chairman of Policy Committee

Member of Finance.

5 Appledore Close, SW, PE30 3HN


Mrs M Albinson

Member of Assets, Finance.

3 Nursery Lane, SW, PE30 3LB


Mr H Hofmeister

Member of Assets, Finance.

7 Elmhurst Drive, SW, PE30 3LA


Mr K Reynolds

Member of Planning.

24 Peckover Way, PE30 3UE


Mr A Evans                                         24 The Boltons, SW, PE30 3NQ

Mr R Williamson

Member of Assets.

12 Fountaine Grove, SW, PE30 3TP


Mrs T Banks                                       33 Avon Road, SW, PE30 3LS

Mr P Bland – Chairman of Planning Committee

Member of Finance.

Wingland, 158 Grimston Road, SW,PE30 3PB


Mr S Scales

Member of Assets.

9 Stody Drive, SW, PE30 3UQ



Mr S Wells

Member of Planning.

33 Oak Avenue, SW, PE30 3JQ








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